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Microcement, innovation and trend in interior design.

Microcement is a noble and versatile product, it is currently the most demanded decorative coating, both by architects and decorators, as well as individuals. Its consolidation as the ideal cladding for any type of renovation, makes it the essential element of minimalist, modern environments with refined lines. All these virtues are part of its success, as is its wide variety of applications.

Fulfilled projects

For us the satisfaction of our clients is our main objective. For this, we offer our experience and professionalism, leaving our personal mark in everything we do. Our clients only have to say Yes to a modern environment, a minimalist and continuous environment. We take care of the rest.

We are backed by our experience, professionalism and the satisfaction of our clients.

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Why choose us as your renovation company in Palma?

Our team is made up of experts in interior design and specialized in techniques for the application of continuous floors and microcement in Mallorca. We are constantly learning, following the latest trends in the sector, to obtain the best finishes in all our works with the most innovative techniques.

If you want to know more information about microcement in Mallorca and its price, do not hesitate to contact us and request your budget without obligation!

Without works and with the best results

Microcement is characterized by being a great option if you want a coating with resistance at the same time that it responds to a minimalist aesthetic. Thus, our 10 years of experience as a renovation company in Palma, and other places in Mallorca, allow us to obtain the best results in each of our projects.

In addition, its multiple finishing options make its versatility infinite. This makes the trend in its use booming, thanks to all its benefits and qualities. You can use it for floors, walls or as decoration, among others. In addition, the relationship between quality and price of microcement in Mallorca is very good, with high resistance.

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