What advantages does Microcement offer?

Microcement is a versatile material due to its wide list of advantages when applying it:

  • It is a type of decorative coating.
  • It can be applied directly on any type of surface or material: cement, tile, wood, metal, plastic, etc
  • Speeds up execution times and reduces costs, since it is not necessary to remove old coatings, not generating
  • It is ideal when renovating new environments and spaces in the home, including shops, due to the speed of execution.

One reform with microcement or continuous floors can be finished between 3 and 5 days depending on the square meters to

Optimal results. Fast and without works.

We specialize in the application of microcement to give our clients immediate, clean solutions without works.

Suelo embaldosado y encimera de madera.

BEFORE: Tiled floor and wooden countertop

Suelo continuo, sin juntas y encimera resvestida de microcemento.

AFTER: Continuous floor, without joints and countertop covered with microcement.

Application types


Innovation in continuous, diaphanous and seamless floors.


New rustic and modern textures for all types of surfaces.


It can have different finishes. Its versatility is infinite in both textures and colors.

Continuous floors

The continuous floors are imposed with great force, being the protagonists of loft-type and industrial-style homes, as well as restaurants, shops, etc. Its continuous appearance brings distinction and endless benefits to homes of all styles.

Now a decorative trend, a thin, totally waterproof coating, very resistant and easy to maintain, which, as it does not have joints, visually expands the space, adding depth and an ultra-modern touch.


Personality, resistant and versatile are some of its attributes, it can be used both on floors and on walls, offering a different aesthetic, combining perfectly with contemporary, modern and minimalist styles.

It is a coating composed of a mixture of elements combined with colored pigments. Ideal for covering any type of surface: concrete, tiles, metal, marble, plastic, cement, etc. ”

In addition, it offers a perfect balance when combined with more traditional elements such as wood or glass and with natural fibers such as wicker or rattan.

Its continuous texture without joints, allows maintenance and cleaning to be very simple.


It can have different finishes. Its versatility is infinite in both textures and colors.

The ductility and elasticity, as well as its artisanal application process, make it ideal for both horizontal and vertical walls, achieving a surprising continuity of the chosen surface thanks to the total absence of joints and its minimum thickness.

In addition to covering floors, partitions and walls, microcement offers the possibility of designing modern furniture for any room in the house. The result is always a simple, contemporary piece with a carefree industrial touch.

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