Microcement, trend in interior design

Microcement is already a trend in decoration, it has been on the rise for some years. Although, it has not yet reached its “maximum splendor”, interior design experts assure that microcement promises to reach the pinnacle of interior design in a very short time.

Cement floors started to be a trend in the nineties. Currently, it returns renewed with a mixture of combined elements and a variety of colored pigments. His return is due to the rise of loft-style and industrial-style homes, which are also present in shops, restaurants and businesses of all kinds. Its minimalist, modern character and clean lines is part of its success, as is its wide variety of applications.

Some of the attributes that describe this innovative material are its personality, its resistance, versatility and other advantages that make it unique.

It is a thin coating of only 2 mm. The perfect combination of cement and resins, which give it elasticity. Completely waterproof and easy to maintain, as there are no joints, it visually expands the space, providing depth and an ultra-modern touch. Its continuous appearance brings distinction and hides endless advantages for homes of all styles.

In its aesthetic part due to its continuous finishes, together with its more traditional side due to the type of application it requires and its high durability, they have made it unseat other types of materials such as polished cement, a flooring with a very similar aesthetic, but not continuous and much more complex installation.

Its success is such that other materials try to match its appearance. This is the case of porcelain stoneware or hydraulic mosaic. However, microcement is still the most demanded, both in new works and renovations, which has led the industry to create extremely hard versions that do not scratch, burn, or stain.

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